Why is There a Robin Gibb Commemorative Collection?

In this collection we offer items we've manufactured from scratch & often times from real sketches or notes made by Robin himself, commemorating the amazing and truly wonderful life of Robin Hugh Gibb, as well as Gibb-music in general.  We are so very proud & honoured to be the company chosen to officially commemorate & celebrate the incredible achievements of Robin's career as not only the composer & recording artist, but the personal memories of the man as well...  The brother, the father, the husband...& of course the grandfather.  Yes, a granddad to now 3 wonderful & beautiful children, only one of which he was able to meet before he sadly passed away, much too soon, at the age of 62.

 In these dark days of lockdown and future uncertainty, one of the 'beacons in the dark' are our loved-ones, the family we forge.  We know Robin was extremely proud of his family and it is in that same spirit that we will also be creating personal memorabilia as well.  We have been granted unprecedented access to family photographs & memorabilia with never before seen images which, with family permission we will make available for the first time, certainly never beheld images in the form of new & poignant commemorative keepsakes, all in loving memory of Robin Hugh Gibb CBE.

 Please enjoy these fine collectors items  manufactured for all to appreciate. 

Robin, we salute you & thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the music & for helping to forge one of your greatest achievements outside of music: