About Us

Jean Robin is a boutique based in Paris, Montreal, London & Miami Florida providing for people from all walks of life & niches, creating varied & unique bespoke collections which cater to as many of our customer's consumer needs as possible. We do everything in our power to ensure you benefit from receiving only top-notch quality products and services. 

 Under the Jean Robin banner we also field 'sub-brands' such as Uniform Ecco. All have their own unique set of products & attributes, however, apart from superb customer service & quality products, all manufactured in Europe, the United States, or in Britain, using quality materials which personally we vet & test ourselves. We also support a fair work ethic, so absolutely no 'sweat-shops' are involved in the manufacture of Jean Robin clothing & accessories.


We always strive to give back to society, our community & those most in need of help. In that same spirit, we strive whenever possible, to make affordable to many, those products which are usually only affordable to the few.


 We also support the arts and creativity in all forms including music. We have partnered with the Gibb family to bring you our Official Robin Gibb Commemorative Collection. Along with his brothers Barry & Maurice, Robin was 1/3 of one of the most successful music groups in history, the Bee Gees. He was also a co-founder of Jean-Robin's music production and talent scouting company Redbreast Records & its iconic Coronation Studios.

We will be adding more items to the collection as time goes by, & that goes for all of our collections, so 'watch this space' as they say, for new additions daily.

A Spot of Company Mystery & Intrigue:

Jean Robin is a collective of many fine European & American artisans & manufacturers, all under the strict directive of a designer who's identity is allusive & has remained secret for now, some say it is a famous yet anonymous graffiti artist, others say it is a music industry mogul. Even we are in the dark as to who designs Jean Robin. Robin Gibb knew many people especially artists of all sorts, so your guess is as good as ours, which come to think of it lends a bit of welcome mystery & intrigue to our company.  From Paris to London & Miami Beach & beyond our hand-embroidering & manufacturing hubs span the Earth.