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  Jean Robin is an Anglo-French-American company & as such, we have offices based in Paris (France), Montreal (Canada), the Thames Valley in Oxfordshire & Regent's Park, London (United Kingdom), as well as Miami Beach Florida & New York City's Manhattan (United States of America).



You can e-mail our main office located in Nouer la Vérité, our creative design studios:



Or call us at our offices located in the suburbs Montreal, Quebec, on the beautiful L'Île Perrot:

 +1 (514) 612 5742 



Or you can reach us toll-free:

Either at our offices in the United States:

 +1 (888) 223 1530


Or at our offices in Canada:

 +1 (833) 518 0099


Redbreast-Coronation Studios

Our main UK Office - nestled amidst the scenic chalk hills of the Thames Valley, is Redbreast-Coronation Studios, one of the main fashion-design hubs of Jean Robin. Also located at Coronation is the HQ of Redbreast Records, the music production studio & talent scouting arm of Jean Robin (one of the co-founders of Redbreast Records was the late Robin Gibb of the BEE GEES)

The Jean Robin & Redbreast Head Office & Design Studios:

 +44 (0) 1844 617 081